An introduction to Thrive Traction from 2021 Central Region Chief, Terry Hendriex.

The Mission of Thrive Traction


Thrive Traction exists to ensure every lodge leader in the Central Region is ready for their role, and empowered to achieve a high performing status in their lodge. Thrive Traction aims to unite our local leaders on all fronts, empower them to recognize the potential they have, and equip them to lead a thriving future for their lodge.

What is Thrive Traction?

Thrive Traction is a partnership with every lodge chief in the Central Region to Build Tomorrow, Together. The Central Region believes that every lodge leader has the potential to create a breakthrough that could change the course of the Order of the Arrow. We enable every lodge leader to realize in our partnership through monthly Breakthrough Summits, transformational mentorship, and position specific coaching. 


Who We Are

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We Are CR — passionate Arrowmen who believe in the story that every lodge leader is capable of telling in their lodge. We understand the struggles you go through as a lodge leader, and put your support as our first and foremost priority through Thrive Traction. Lodges are the heart of our Order — the CR starts with you.