Crossover Ceremonies 2022

Tom Kita Chara Lodge recommends that each Pack contact its local Troop for performing the crossover ceremony. Each Troop can provide two scouts to do the parts of the ceremony. Please see the PDF below for instructions on setting it up as well as the script for the cereomony:

Troop. If your is in a situation where having a troop come to perform the ceremony is not possible, you may get in contact with your local chapter by emailing If you have any questions or issues please also use the above email to convey such communication.

The virtual option is where your pack will use our pre-recorded ceremony video and play it for all present. Make sure to follow instructions below:

This video was made by the Lodge Ceremonies Chairman Ethan (Right) and the Ceremonies Vice Chairman Patrick (Left).

We recommend that the video be watched through before being used by a Pack. There are 2 points where the video is paused (3:49) and (4:50).