I love being part of something that is grassroots, and you can see the changes, the actual effect of what people do.

Anthony Edwards
Map of Each Chapter in Tom Kita Chara Lodge numbered 1 – 6

Chapter Programs

Each chapter has its own meeting and events. Check your chapter’s page for more information of what kinds of events they have coming up. If you have an idea for a super fun activity, make sure to attend your next chapter meeting and bring up your idea. Things like game night, bowling, and parties are just some of the fun things that our chapters do!

Service Projects

Each chapter is responsible for providing cheerful service to the community that it serves, As a brotherhood of cheerful service it is our duty to support our local community by giving back. Check your chapters calendar to see what service projects they have coming up.

Chapter Meetings

Each chapter holds monthly meetings throughout the schoolyear. At these meeting the chapters get to discuss and plan out their upcoming service and activities. They are also a really fun time to spend with your friends in the OA.