OA High Adventure Winter Banquet Program Initiative

We are excited to launch a new resource for the Order of the Arrow Lodges in the Central Region! The Winter Banquet Program Initiative is a simple resource to help Lodges facilitate Lodge member recognition and presentation discussion of the Order of the Arrow High Adventure programs as part of each Lodges annual Winter Banquet or Gathering program. Lodge members who participant in OA High Adventure often are some of our most involved Arrowmen, leaders among their peers. Public recognition of this achievement serves as an important motivator to other youth members to engage in future Lodge and High Adventure opportunities.

Winter Banquet Program Initiative


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Other Resources

OA High Adventure Support Tools

There also exists a multitude of resources on the national OA High Adventure site. We strongly encourage you to incorporate as many of these items as you deem worthy and necessary. Here is a list of what is available to you, along with a provided link:

OAHA Programs
Years in Existence

Have Questions? Shoot us an email at oaha@cental.oa-bsa.org.