Journey to Excellence

When the Boy Scouts of America launched the new strategic plan, a transition was made to a new program to measure unit, district, and council performance. Following the Boy Scout’s transition, the national OA committee adopted the Journey to Excellence program to replace the National Quality Lodge program. Journey to Excellence (JTE) places emphasis on continuous improvement. Just as the Boy Scouts of America Journey to Excellence program recognizes each level of the organization (Unit, District, Council), the OA’s program creates Journey to Excellence recognition for chapters, lodges, and sections.

Region Cup

The Region Cup is a traveling award given out each year at the Section Officer Seminar. The winning Section has claim to the unofficial title of “Best in the Midwest”.

2014-2015Section C-2
2013-2014Section C-4A
2012-2013Section C-5A
2011-2012Section C-7