The National Leadership Seminar is a diverse training that not only applies to the Order of the Arrow and Scouting in general but also school projects, future careers, and even daily life. Learners leave the weekend with a toolbox of leadership skills and resources as well as a refreshed and inspired mindset about their future.

At NLS, there is a focus on both personal growth and the larger development of the Order of the Arrow. Both aspects are profoundly important today considering the unique challenges of social distancing and emerging from the pandemic. Attending and participating in NLS is a first step in Writing Our Next Chapter. Learners discover how to pivot their leadership styles to adapt to new challenges and harness their power as a leader.

This is why our 2021 NLS promotion theme is “Writing Our Next Chapter.” Our order is at a pivotal point and it is up to us, with the support of the NLS course, to Write Our Next Chapter by being innovative against our tough challenges, adapting to new experiences, and thriving. Will you pick up the pen?

NLS Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize their leadership abilities
  • Utilize self-awareness to show ethical leadership
  • Adapt to situations around you
  • Cultivate a mindset of resilience
  • Integrate a values-based framework into your leadership
  • Distinguish the strengths of others
  • Generate a renewed passion for service


Jonathan Golden
Section C-4 Chief
“. . . I walked out of NLS with a refreshed outlook on Scouting, myself, and those around me. I felt more prepared than ever before to serve the organization and those around me.”
Joey Grabill
Section C-6A Chief
“National Leadership Seminar was one of the biggest turning points in my Scouting career. It not only taught me tons of valuable lessons in leadership, which I then took back to my Lodge, Section, Troop, and even school, but it also helped me to make connections with Arrowmen from across the Region just like me.”