Meet the Trainers

Patrick McInerney

2020 Central Region Chief

“The National Leadership Seminar is a training course like no other. From hands on activities to meaningful discussions, every leader, no matter their experience or age, will benefit by going through the course. And that’s not even to mention the friendships you’ll make with Arrowmen from across the region!” 


Alyx Parker

Central Region Chairman


Joe Ward

NLS Chief of Staff

“NLS is a great training, the best I have ever attended, and it is an amazing way to meet new people. NLS teaches you to be a leader and a learner. It teaches you how to understand how you lead and learn which can be used in and out of scouting. If you want to become a better leader, then you should sign up for NLS. I am still using skills from that training I need college and it is a seminar I wish more people could take. #YESNLS

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Austin Dues

“NLS is like nothing you’ve ever experienced, it puts together the skills and attributes needed for leadership in a brand new innovative way. The program not only enhances leadership but also teaches you new skills for you to bring back to your Lodges. NLS has truly helped me become a better leader not only in scouting but in my every day life.”


Drew Morehouse

“Going to NLS is one the best decisions my lodge has made. We sent a crew there and got exposed to some great new ideas that we have been working to implement like ice cream socials and activity based meetings!”


Terry Hendriex

“The National Leadership Seminar, to me, was about learning how I could best impact my lodge. Between the leadership skills we learned, and the people I met, I remember coming back from NLS with my trail map full of ideas that I had for my LEC to do. I believe that any Arrowmen who attends NLS would come back with not only a better idea on how to lead, but also a wealth of knowledge on the best practices of other lodges in their region.”


Brian Blood


Tim Reiss 

“NLS was one of the most memorable experiences I had, not only in the Order of the Arrow, but in Scouting. This course provided me the confidence and skills to run for a lodge position and be able to succeed. NLS empowered me to make a difference not only in Scouting, but through out all areas of my life.”


Peter Selfors

“NLS was a unique experience where I had the opportunity to develop new leadership skills and meet arrowmen from all over the region. I had a blast and food was pretty good.”

Joey Grabill

“The National Leadership Seminar was one of the biggest turning points in my Scouting career. It not only taught me tons of valuable lessons in leadership, which I then took back to my Lodge, Section, Troop, and even school, but it also helped me to make connections with Arrowmen from across the Region just like me. To this day, I still talk to my crew, and even make a point to try catching up at any other national events we go to.”


Luke Gallagher

“After the first five minutes of being at NLS, I knew this training would be like no other – in a great way! I walked out with a toolbox of skills and resources on how to guide other members of my lodge to achieve a common goal. It also showed me how to better engage people using their different styles of learning and thinking to better develop a group. It was an exciting event where I learned how to be an effective leader, plus how I can apply principles taught at NLS to my Unit, Chapter, Lodge, and community.”