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Color Palette

Click here to download the OA color palette.

Primary Colors

OA White
HEX: #FFFFFF RGB: 255, 255, 255
OA Grey
HEX: #36454F RGB: 54, 69, 79
OA Red
HEX: #E31837 RGB: 227, 24, 55

Secondary Colors

OA Dark Red
HEX: #650812 RGB: 101, 8, 18
OA Grey 2
HEX: #E6E7E8 RGB: 230, 231, 232
OA Black
HEX: #030006 RGB: 3, 0, 6
OA Blue
HEX: #005596 RGB: 0, 85, 150


The OA brand uses two fonts primarily: Museo Sans and Museo Slab. We use a combination of these fonts for headlines and body copy. You can purchase licenses to these fonts at the following links:

Museo Slab

Museo Sans

Note: You need only to purchase the 300 and 700 weights of each font.

If you would prefer to use our alternative fonts, Gill Sans and Rockwell, you will most likely be able to find them standard in software such as Microsoft Word. If not, we advise purchasing the Museo fonts, rather than purchasing these alternative fonts.