Lodge Activity Bead Program

The Po-E-Mo Lodge established the bead program for the Great Rivers Council to promote camping. It is still used to this day by councils all over the nation. It consists of a leather totem (worn on the activity/field uniform), leather string, and beads; which can all be purchased at the Great Rivers Council Scout Shop. Here is the bead guide:

Blue – 1 Night of Good Weather Camping

Black – 1 Night of Rainy Camping

White – 1 Night of Snowy Camping

Purple – 1 Night of Below Freezing Camping

Clear – 1 Night of Below Zero Camping

Red – 1 Summer Camp

Yellow – 1 Chapter or District Event

Light Blue – 1 Lodge/Council Event

Pink – 1 OA Section Event

Orange – 1 National or Regional Event (NLS, NOAC…)

Green – Participating in a Philmont Event

Brown – Participating in a Summit, Sea Base, or Northern Tier Event

Green Marble – 1 Lodge/Council Training Event (NYLT, LLD…)

Blue Boots – Good Weather Hiking

Black Boots – Rainy Hiking

White Boots – Snowy Hiking

Blue Canoe – Good Weather Canoeing

Black Canoe – Rainy Canoeing

White Canoe – Snowy Canoeing

Stars – Service Hours (colors to be determined by units)