This page is for events that were a year or more ago.

Winter Banquet 2020

On January 4, 2020 we held The 2020 Winter Banquet at Fr. Tolton Catholic High School. We had an outstanding attendance of 106 people! We saw the induction of the 2020 Lodge Officers. They were: Lodge Chief: Tate Rigby, Lodge Vice-Chief: Ethan Wiley, Lodge Secretary: Michael Pigg, and Lodge Treasurer: Joe Loseman. We also saw 8 people recognized for the Vigil Honor, 15 people recognized for the Living the Spirit Award, Matthew Pigg and Luke Gallagher were recognized for the Founder’s Award, and David Masten was recognized for the Zimmann Award. Congratulations to all!

Spring Conclave 2020

Although Spring Conclave 2020 did not actually take place, it’s still an event worth sharing. Scheduled for April 24th-26th the event was going to be western themed, but the wild mid-west had other plans. A month prior to the event COVID-19 hit the world and was officially announced as a pandemic. This caused our Lodge to shut down and cancel the upcoming conclave. Spring Conclave wasn’t the only event affected by COVID within the Lodge. Summer Camp, Fall Conclave, and even 2021’s Spring Conclave were all met with restrictions. Thank you to all who stuck with us throughout this tough time.

Fall Conclave 2020

Taking place on September 11-13, the long awaited Conclave was held. With a year of COVID, fellowship was well deserved. Although COVID placed restrictions on the event, the turnout of 117 beat what was expected. The cancelled “Wild West” theme returned to Fall Conclave. Later in the “roudy” night, we were riled up with ceremonies and elections. The elected 2021 Lodge Chief was Michael Pigg, Vice-Chief Mattheus Allin, Secretary Jackson Lamb, and Treasurer Drew Froidl. Once again, thank you to all who stuck with us throughout this era of COVID.