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For Unit Election Teams

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New in 2022

The preferred method for Unit Elections in 2022 is in-person. When conducting an in-person Unit Election, teams should leverage Lodgemaster to create the Unit Election Form after the Unit Leader uploads their eligible candidates. Paper forms are available in the Council Office when using Lodgemaster is not possible (no internet at the election site, etc.).

Virtual elections are still possible. See the information on this page for further information on conducting a virtual election.

Logging into Lodgemaster

Chapter Unit Election teams can access OA Lodgemaster to administer unit elections at If you need access to Lodgemaster, please contact Tom Burke at

Creating a Unit Election Form

Log into Google Drive using your Lodge account ( If you need a Lodge account, please contact Once logged in, click here to access the Unit Elections folder or follow this folder path:
Shared Drives -> LEC -> 2022 Unit Elections -> Your Chapter’s Folder

Your Chapter’s folder should have the following:

  1. Unit Election Template Google Form
  2. Completed Elections folder

For each unit election, create a copy of the Unit Election Template Google Form and rename the file “#### Unit Election” where #### is the unit number. Please use leading zeros when naming files. This will aid in organization. For example, Troop 865 would be named “0865 Unit Election”.

Upload the Candidate Submission Form you previously downloaded to your chapter’s folder. Once uploaded, rename the file to “#### Candidate Submission” where #### is the unit number with leading zeros.

Open the uploaded Candidate Submission Form and copy (ctrl+c) the list of candidate names into the Google Form then select the first “option” in the Google Form and paste (ctrl+v). This should enter each candidate’s name as an option in the form. If it does not, you may need to type each name individually.

Uploading the Candidate Submission Form

Once the Unit has requested their election in Lodgemaster, go to “Visit & Election Management” on the right-hand side of the Inductions Dashboard within Lodgemaster. Search for and select the Unit. If the election is scheduled, there should be an option to “Import Eligible”. Select “Import Eligible”. Select the file that’s saved to your computer. Please be sure to delete the example row in the template. Once the example row is deleted, click the import button (the arrow pointing up).

Unit Elections Workflow

Retrieving Candidate Submission Forms

Unit Leaders will submit their Candidate Submission Form via email to the Chapter’s election email ( This routes the Candidate Submission form to the chapter adviser.

Unit Leaders can also upload their forms directly into Lodgemaster. This is the preferred method. Instructions on how to do this is included in automated emails from Lodgemaster to Unit Leaders.

Sending the Unit Election Form

The Form is now ready to be sent to the unit leader for distribution. Click “Send” in the upper right corner of the screen, click the link icon next to “Send via”. Then copy the link shown.

Navigate to the !Templates folder within the Unit Elections folder and open the file “3. Email to Unit”
Shared Drives -> LEC -> 2022 Unit Elections -> !Templates

Copy the template email and paste into a new email from the Unit Elections email account ( in Gmail. Please contact Preston Podolske ( if you need the password. Update the first email signature to your name. The second email in the template is from the Lodge Chief and should not be changed.

For units who requested an election on a specific day: delete the second paragraph (“You will have one week to complete your ballot…”)

In the second email is a link that says “Order of the Arrow Election”. Click on that link, then a box should pop up with an option to change the link. Click change and paste the link you copied, then click “ok”.

The email should be sent to the unit leader who requested the unit election. That contact can be found here. Please use the Subject of “Troop/Crew/Ship #### Unit Election” where #### is the unit’s number with leading zeros.

Completing the Unit Election

Once the election reaches 50% +1 responses based on the unit’s membership per the unit election request, here, or one week has passed, view the results of the election. If 50% +1 response is not reached within one week, repeat the election process one time. If 50% +1 is again not reached, the election is considered failed and no one is elected.

If 50% +1 is reached, those candidates with at least 50% of the vote are now considered Ordeal Candidates. To record this in Lodgemaster, go to and process the unit’s results in the Inductions portal. For more information on that, contact Tom Burke ( The Lodge will centrally process adult nominations.

Once the election is recorded in Lodgemaster, open the unit’s Google Form, select “Responses” at the top, and turn off responses. After that, go back to your chapter’s folder and move the unit’s candidate submission form and election form to the “Completed Elections” folder.