Serving Winnebago, Washara, and Waupaca Counties

The totem of Mekek Chapter is the river otter

Join Mekek Chapter at a meeting or event!

Our chapter hosts fun and exciting chapter meetings monthly September through May. Due to COVID, our meetings have shifted online. Please contact the chapter at for joining information. Our meetings are held the first Thursday of each month.

What We Do

Spring Conferences

Each spring, Mekek Chapter partners with our neighbors to the north, Wesmianiw Chapter, to host one of Kon Wapos Lodge’s Spring Conference events. The main purpose of the event is to induct new Ordeal members and provide service to Gardner Dam Scout Camp. Learn more and register for Spring Conference on the Calendar page.

Chapter Meetings

Each month, September through May, Mekek Chapter hosts a chapter meeting to discuss current events in the Lodge and Council, as well as learn new skills and activities Scouts can bring back to their unit.

Chapter Leadership

Chapter Chief: Patrick M.

Chapter Adviser: Zach Porior