The Gischachsummen, part II: Do It Right

February 23, 2021
Join The Gischachsummen in a deep dive into the Induction and explore the works of Jay Dunbar, Ray Petit, Bill Hartman, John Forrest, and the committed others who have shaped this experience into what it is today. ...

February C.R.P.R.

February 15, 2021
On behalf of the Central Region Council Fire editorial staff, we would like to welcome you to our brand new ...

NLS – Not Your Standard Leadership Training

January 30, 2021
Making its annual return in the 2021 calendar, the Central Region is offering 3 weekends of the National Leadership Seminar ...

Announcing: LLD:Endeavor!

January 8, 2021
Has your Lodge Leadership Development (LLD) not measured up this year? Has your lodge struggled to transition to virtual sessions? ...

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