NLS – Not Your Standard Leadership Training

Making its annual return in the 2021 calendar, the Central Region is offering 3 weekends of the National Leadership Seminar (NLS), a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Arrowmen of all backgrounds to get a deeper understanding of servant leadership, applicable to all walks and stages of life. 

Unlike other training opportunities available to Scouts and Scouters, NLS elevates a person’s leadership skills by going beyond what is just taught in Scouting. For example, National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) focuses on the patrol method and developing skills within a Scouting environment, while NLS takes a holistic approach to leadership, teaching skills applicable to all situations.

Peter Selfors is a Vigil Honor member from Wag-O-Shag Lodge in Wisconsin, Section C-7 vice chief, a former NYLT Senior Patrol Leader, and a current NLS Staff Member. The Council Fire staff were able to talk with Peter about his experience with NLS and NYLT. Peter shared 

 that NYLT is geared towards unit youth leaders, (i.e. Patrol Leaders, Crew or Ship Officers, etc); whereas NLS is only offered and geared towards members of the OA. Most notably, you don’t have to be a lodge leader or officer to get the most out of NLS, because this training is perfect for any Arrowmen looking to improve their own leadership skills in and out of Scouting. When asked about what he believed to be the most impactful portion of NLS, Peter said,

“The ‘How You Learn’ session [is the most impactful] because it gave me the insight into how my personality has a relationship with the way I learn and the way I lead. From a trainer/leader’s perspective, it is really interesting to then see that relationship in other people. NLS gives the skills to see that relationship in yourself and others and then utilize that in teaching and leadership.”

On the topic of elevating leadership skills, Peter said,“NLS is also really effective at inspiring any Arrowman that attends with the theme of resilience in leadership by recognizing different challenges (adaptive challenges) and using an organized system of planning (the Golden Circle). Arrowmen leave with the mindset that although they may be knocked down every now and then and that not every solution they try will work, they can get up, keep trying, and they are prepared with the skills they need to back them up.”

The next opportunity to participate in an NLS course is May 7-9 in London, OH. You can learn more about NLS and register at, and we hope to see you there!

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