May Section of the Month: C-6B

Section C-6B, with its newly elected officers, has hit the ground running and is hoping to make the most of the term to keep going on the up and up. The section holds five lodges that span the entire western part of Ohio from the northern border into the Cincinnati area of northern Kentucky and serves roughly 2,000 Arrowmen across its span. While there is no formal mascot of the section, there is currently a capture the flag game happening, which Arrowmen have taken as their image of the section. As Section Chief Aedhan S. says “We are very much a Corn Section.” 

The newly elected section officers each have their own goals to build on the success of their predecessors. The last term was a step in the right direction for the section to open up communication pathways since almost every Arrowmen was reached by the section. For this coming year, one of the main goals of the section is to build on that communication. C-6B hopes to improve the efficiency of the communications team and to get the section website updated so that it is a beneficial resource to all Arrowmen. The section also hopes to work on internal aspects of section operations to make everything more coherent and streamlined to be more efficient and productive in support of the five lodges. 

While there may not be gatherings of people face to face, there is hope that a lot can be done online. The section is striving to develop plans and ideas to use this time to their advantage so that the council of chiefs events can be more efficient and more entertaining to the average Arrowmen. C-6B is also excited to start its newest recurring social event called “Social Saturdays” which will be taking place every other Saturday starting May 30th. This is a way for Arrowmen to keep engaged with the Section and each other through social media.  

The section is very proud of the connection its Arrowmen have with each other. The bonds between Arrowmen even from different lodges grow very quickly and become very strong. These create strong friendships and increase productivity, leading to an overall better environment for the section. C-6B boasts a strong tight-knit council of chiefs that works for the betterment of the section and their lodges. The lodge chiefs of C-6B often bring their vice-chiefs to the COC meetings to prepare them for a time when they may become the next Lodge Chiefs. Another strength of C-6B is the membership of the section. Across the board, there are Arrowmen who step up to work in a variety of positions to make sure things stay running and get done. 

The section is developing chief calls between the section and the lodge chiefs as well as establishing open communication between the lodges and section at almost any time. In helping to improve and build each lodge the section serves to facilitate open idea-sharing so that the benefits of a program, plan, or idea can be spread among the section for the benefit of everyone. 

With the work that the section is putting in, the officers are hoping to have the best conclave in recent history. There is an atmosphere to make sure the 2021 conclave is stronger and better than ever due to the cancelation of the 2020 conclave. C-6B is branching out for the planning stage and reaching out to every Arrowmen and gathering the section’s opinions on what they would like to see happen. As is the case all over the U.S., Arrowmen want to have conclave and other Scouting events and the officers are hoping to really give the Arrowmen of C-6B what they are looking for