March C.R.P.R.

Welcome back to the second edition of the Central Region Public Relations (C.R.P.R.) monthly publication! Today we would like to update you all about a section that has preserved through challenging times, rising above numerous challenges that have been thrown their way. So without further ado, please read about March’s C.R.P.R. section… Section C-2!

Section C-2

Although many sections have been faced with countless challenges throughout this COVID-19 pandemic, Section C-2 has faced numerous difficult challenges. When Section C-2 was told that they had to adapt their program to an online setting, they immediately got to work adapting their previous section conclave to an online setting. In a very small time frame, they were able to adapt all of their trainings and elections to an online setting, providing program for hundreds of scouts through the section. Since then, the new section officers, Section Chief Andrew Czajka, Section Vice Chief Michael Pierpont, and Section Secretary Danny M., have been working hard to support their Arrowmen and create safe and effective programs. 

Pictured above are the section officers. Pictured from left to right are Section Vice Chief Michael Pierpont, Section Chief Andrew Czajka, and Section Secretary Danny M. 

As some people may already know, soon after the Scouting program in Michigan was forced to go virtual due to COVID-19 restrictions, they were also challenged with a merger of their four lodges. Their legacy lodges included Agaming Maangogwan, Kishahtek, Nataepu Shohpe, and Noquet Lodge, which were presented with the opportunity to form one great lodge. Section Chief Andrew Czajka knew “this was an opportunity for the leaders of these four lodges to come together and create something bigger than ourselves for numerous years to come” and created the Lodge Merger Committee. This committee was headed by the four lodge chiefs and allowed numerous voices and ideas to come together to create the new Mishigami Lodge. The section officers throughout this process continually helped to assist the lodge chiefs in this process. 

The section officers have assisted in helping create numerous virtual events including the lodge’s reveal event Operation Ignite, an ACT conference to train the future leaders of the lodge, and the lodge’s first election. They are also looking to collaborate with the lodge’s conclave to create an unforgettable and safe event. Overall, the section has been an imperative source in molding this new lodge and assisting it in where it will go in the future. Their consistent support allowed their virtual events to have anywhere from 50 to 200 participants at any given time. 

This video above shows the entire Operation Ignite Event the section assisted in planning and executing. 

Though the section already has achieved numerous successes this year, they have been presented with another unique challenge. They are the only section in the Order of the Arrow that has one lodge which opens up one big question.

How will Section C-2 redefine themselves to accommodate one lodge in their section? 

They truly have a special opportunity to provide and support their lodge in so many new ways now that they can direct all their focus towards them. After an interview with Section Chief Andrew Czajka, he says “the opportunities can range from directly impacting chapters in the lodge to personally mentoring lodge officers, the way we can create a difference truly is endless.” The reason Andrew believes these opportunities are so pertinent now is that the section can focus all their resources and attention towards developing and supporting the leaders of this one lodge, rather than dividing their support among several lodges like other sections. He truly believes the section can more successfully accomplish this mission with this new opportunity. How they will proceed and redefine their section in the following years will truly be something the Order of the Arrow will be watching as Section C-2 could create the new benchmark of how a section should interact with lodges. Overall, Section C-2 has had a great number of successes this year and has a very unique challenge that they are about to undertake as they redefine themselves. 

Stay tuned for further C.R.P.R. articles about what’s happening with sections in the Central Region!

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