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There is no better way to experience NLS then to go and there is no better way to hear about going then from a fellow scout who has already gone. Sam S. a scout from Takhone Lodge, has done a lot of different things in the OA. He has served in numerous positions and has attended NOAC as well as multiple Section C-7 events. He attributes his success and involvement with the OA to attending NLS a little over a year ago and speaks very highly of the training and the weekend as a whole. He attended an NLS training in Indiana and admits that his proximity to the location was a major influence so this is a great opportunity for those in Central Region to attend. 

Sam describes NLS fantastically:

“NLS is a weekend-long training course where you eat, sleep and train with Arrowmen from all over the Central Region. It is training about how to better yourself as a leader, better your lodge. It teaches you skills to problem solve and how to work with individuals to fit their best needs.”

Sam speaks very highly of NLS in every way, from friendships to being inspired within scouting today.  When asked about his favorite part of the weekend, Sam was quick to respond:

 “One of my favorite parts was meeting Eric Harrison, the former National Vice Chief and that’s because Eric and I are still in contact today. We still talk, and he has become one of my biggest mentors that have helped me through the program and helped develop my leadership. He helped me form who I am in the OA today and has helped me work on speeches for Lodge Elections.” 

Sam highly recommends taking NLS or DYLC. He praises it as one of the best pieces of training he has ever taken, and even credits NLS for helping him reach his intended goals both in the OA and his personal life:

“The trainers you work with are the people that know what they are doing in the program and they know how to teach it. These people aren’t just random scouts. These are people who have gone to National training to learn how to be a teacher of their sections. They don’t learn how to teach every session. They learn how to teach one section to be as good as possible in that one training. The people that you meet there, the people that teach you are high-class scouts that are experienced. They know a thing or two that you can learn from.”
The next opportunities for the National Leadership Seminar (NLS) and Developing Youth Leadership Conference (DYLC) are approaching quickly on March 20th – 22nd. There are still plenty of open spots of both youth and adults. This next opportunity is being held at the Faholo Christian Conference Center in Grass Lake, MI. The Order of the Arrow is committed to providing training and experiences that a scout or scouter can take with them for the rest of their life. To learn more, talk to your lodge chief or visit:

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