Letter from the Central Region Chairman

The National Committee understands that Lodges and Sections in the Order of the Arrow are facing

challenges never seen before to provide programming to their members. The National Order the Arrow

organization wants to be sure that we are doing everything possible to facilitate Lodges and Sections

delivering program in the face of these odds.

To that end, policy as it stands in the "Guidebook for Officers and Advisers” and the “Field Operations

Guide” has checks and balances to ensure that rules are followed, and that the organizational norm is

sustained. The National Committee is requesting to know if any policy item is causing any Lodge/Section

to either not be able to provide programming, or creates a hardship for those organizations as a direct

or indirect result of Covid-19 issues. Temporary relief will be considered to allow program delivery.

Any questions may be addressed to your Region Chairman:

• Northeast- Bob Chaballa- chairman@northeast.oa-bsa.org

• Southern- Mike White- chairman@southern.oa-bsa.org

• Central- Alyx Parker- chairman@central.oa-bsa.org

• West- Gary Christiansen- chairman@western.oa-bsa.org

To request consideration for policy relief, the path to request that relief is communication to the

National Director, with CC: to your Region Chairman. Matt Dukeman may be reached at:

Director- Matt Dukeman- Matt.Dukeman@scouting.org

Our commitment is to a rapid turn around and response to written plans that are submitted to the

National Director. If relief is granted, it will either be granted nationally or locally, as directed by the

National Director. Response to written plans will be nominally within a week of sending to the Director.

Requests must be submitted by each lodge; there will be no “blanket approval”, unless there is national

relief granted by the director.

We hope this finds you well, and that your Lodge is able to accomplish successes in this difficult time.

Please know that we are here to help solve problems; please let your Section Chief, Section Adviser,

Region Chief, Region Adviser, or National Staff know if there is anything that we can do help your

organization be successful.

Best Regards,

Alyx J. Parker

Central Region Chairman

info@central.oa-bsa.org | central.oa-bsa.org