June Section of the Month: C-2

Amidst the current global situation, Section C-2 persevered and continually provided for their members, which has made them the Central Region Section of the Month for June 2020!  

Even in the face of uncertainty, Section C-2 did not back down. After canceling the in-person portion of their section conclave, the officer team decided to offer a virtual program. This new program was extended over the course of a week and included various activities and trainings. Most notably, a Fortnite tournament was hosted that garnered 50 players in total! Additionally, the trainings were live-streamed and hosted by the local lodge and chapter chiefs, covering topics ranging from leadership styles to solution building to the importance of the individual. As of the time of writing, these videos have been viewed over 1,300 times! To conclude this virtual conclave, the section hosted virtual officer elections and installed these officers soon after.

Although their “traditional” section conclave was canceled, the virtual option that Section C-2 provided was a step ahead through their creation of virtual training sessions for their members. Arrowmen in the section engaged with the section social media pages far more than usual during the week of conclave.

Currently, the newest Section Officer Team is working on the planning of their first ACT Conference. The ACT Conference will help lodges and their executive committees fully understand and develop action plans to achieve High Performing Lodge status under the Thrive initiative by 2022. 

Due to their extraordinary achievement of adopting their conclave program to allow for virtual participation, which garnered more engagement than usual for their events, the Central Region is proud of the June Section of the Month: Section C-2!

Section Chief Andrew C.
Section Vice Chief Michael P.
Section Secretary Danny M.