July Section of the Month: C-4

One of the greatest things about our Order is that each chapter is unique, making each lodge unique, and each section unique from one another.  With this, comes a wide variety of ideas. After its forming about a year ago, Section C-4 joined up with Section C-6B to share some of these ideas in their first ever “Forum: An Idea Sharing Experience.” At this event arrowmen had the opportunity to choose from a variety of discussions and presentations to learn about what other leaders in their role were doing as well as learn from former Central Region Chief, Taylor Giles.  By the end of the weekend participants were better prepared to serve the Order of the Arrow at the section, lodge, and chapter levels.

Section C-4 recently held their conclave at Camp Mountaineer, where arrowmen were immersed in a world inspired by the newly released game Fallout 76.  With the mission simple: to survive, arrowmen used bottle caps as currency while they explored this post-nuclear fallout world, all while enjoying the usual conclave activities such as a zip line, rifle/shotgun ranges, and much more!

With a newly created section comes the need for a new logo.  Section C-4 has turned to its creative membership to design this over the summer.  Section C-4 is looking to a bright future, and is excited to see what it has in store for them next.

Want to learn more? Connect with Section C-4 on their facebook, or visit their website! Their Instagram and Twitter handle is @OAsectionc4.