February C.R.P.R.

On behalf of the Central Region Council Fire editorial staff, we would like to welcome you to our brand new column, the C.R.P.R (Central Region Public Relations). Though these articles will be replacing the Section Spotlight, we still plan on providing you with great content about everything our incredible sections do throughout the year. Stay tuned throughout the year to learn about what sections in the Central Region do to provide their Arrowmen with the best program possible. 

To open our first C.R.P.R. article, we wanted to focus on a section with a long history of success, incredible accomplishments, and great programs. So please enjoy reading about this month’s C.R.P.R. section… Section C-3B!

Section C-3B

While countless organizations have been struggling throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Section C-3B continues to find ways to adapt and thrive throughout this trying period. Under the proper leadership and guidance of Section Chief Hayden Smee, Section Vice-Chief Garrett McMillion, and Section Secretary Michael Colletti, the section is leading their respective lodges as they continue with momentum to seek success. They are constantly encouraging their seven respective lodges to push forward and impact thousands of Arrowmen through their safe and innovative programs.

Pictured above from left to right is Section Vice-Chief Garrett McMillion, Section Chief Hayden Smee, and Section Secretary Michael Colletti.

Many people already know Section C-3B as the section of around 4000 members, consistently planning and executing incredible conclaves with engaging activities and trainings. They even continue to attract over 550 Arrowmen to each section conclave, and their numbers are only getting better. But many people do not know where the section’s true strength lies. When asking Hayden Smee what truly makes their section unique, he states:

“The culture we have been able to create [in Section C-3B] reminds our leaders and members how much the Order of the Arrow needs us, we all know it is now our time to give back as much as we can to this organization which has impacted our lives so much.” 

– Hayden Smee, Section C-3B Chief

The strong culture of brotherhood that has grown in Section C-3B has resulted in a great number of successes. It has allowed the section to have an incredible pool of trainers which vary from past lodge chiefs to national officers who are always willing to step up. Most sections have trouble finding quality trainers for their ACT conferences, but Section C-3B always has numerous trainers step right up. This allows them to provide top-notch trainings where they continue to mold the leaders of tomorrow. Along with their ability to develop incredible trainings, the section has developed a tight network of communication between their top leaders. Their section and lodge leadership is in constant communication ensuring a free flow of great ideas and best practices. This has allowed them to coordinate events extremely well but also to plan for the unprecedented times they are now experiencing. 

As the section entered into this challenging period, they knew they had to take action to ensure the success of their lodges. Section leadership has encouraged their lodges to hold in-person inductions while developing safe and effective ways to abide by CDC guidelines. This has ensured they provide each ordeal candidate with a meaningful induction in the Order of the Arrow.  Through these well-coordinated efforts to continue holding safe in-person inductions, the section has shown incredible membership retention rates and still has nearly 4000 total members! Through this success and diligent planning, the section hopes to continue the momentum by holding their section conclave in October with proper safety guidelines. They ensure every member who hopes to attend that this will be an incredible event for the record books. 

Pictured above are Arrowmen getting on their feet to do the “YMCA” at a past Section C-3B conclave

Though there have been many challenges over the past months, this section has still found ways to grow their communication, brotherhood, and overall persistence and dedication to the order. Due to their incredible accomplishments and successes this year, the Council Fire is proud to recognize Section C-3B as the first section in the C.R.P.R. Congratulations and keep up the hard work!

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