February Section of the Month: C-1B

Aloha! Section C-1B will be full of Hawaiian spirit for the next few months leading up to their Section Conclave. September 18th, 2020, will mark the beginning of the Section C-1Beach Bash! This festive weekend will be hosted at Camp Decorah, which is nestled deep within the heart of Western Wisconsin, overlooking the beautiful Black River.

Like any Conclave, the event will begin with a morning full of training. In Section C-1B, these training sessions are divided into different levels of experience with the Order of the Arrow, from new Ordeal members up through the very experienced adult advisers. These training sessions lay the groundwork for the future leadership of the section, and will help to make the event be more enjoyable for everyone involved.

The afternoon will be chock-full of fellowship activities. These activities will range from traditional scouting games, like gaga ball or nine square, to events that incorporate the Hawaiian theme of the event, like a limbo contest or hula hoops. No matter which theme the activity follows, it is sure to be a great deal of fun for all of the participants!

The day will conclude with a large luau. This will be a large party to celebrate the event, with a Hawaiian theme. This party will also play host to a set of shows that are certain to entertain all of the attendees who have the pleasure to watch.

The Section Officers of C-1B are working tirelessly to make sure that this event goes smoothly. And through the hard work of everyone involved with this Conclave, it is sure to be a resounding success!