Feb 2020 Central Region Chief’s Midwestern Missive

My Fellow Arrowmen,

I hope this message treats you well as we have jumped into the new year strong.

Since being elected Central Region Chief, I have had the opportunity to travel among sections and collaborate with some great Arrowmen. When speaking about 2020, I am ecstatic to continue my travels and provide to everyone within our organization. I believe it will be a great year with some amazing opportunities. 

Speaking of opportunities, I would like to share what I will be getting into and what you should consider attending. In March, I will be at the National Leadership Seminar (NLS) with a great team of trainers chosen for 2020-2021. I strongly recommend it if you have not attended. You can learn more here! As spring concludes, the section conclave season starts! It is going to be a great time as I cannot wait to have fun at some conclaves!

Heading into the summer months, NOAC will be a great time. If not done so already, make sure to register as a participant, remote delegate, or staff member! You will be able to meet with thousands of like-minded individuals as we engage within our common interests.

Additionally, I will be working on the start of a region-wide committee with various roles including the current communications team, training, lodge support and development, community service, trading post, and OAHA promotions. This will be a large effort with the end goal in improving our region and helping each lodge become high performing.  If you are interested in joining, please contact me at the email below!

In closing, we have a lot going on this year. Please make sure to consider attending any of the great events mentioned. If anything, make sure to remain active within your local council and lodge as you are essential to this organization. I can’t wait to meet more and more of you throughout the year!

I hope everyone enjoys their spring as we prepare for the summer months!

Yours in Cheerful Service, 

Patrick Mclnerney