Chiefly Speaking into 2021

Words from Patrick McInerney:

“It has not been easy, but the Central Region continues to innovate and overcome the challenges that have been set before us. Our success is not my doing, but rather is built on the efforts made by all those who have stepped up throughout the region.” -2020 Central Region Chief Patrick McInerney

 As Patrick prepares to step away from his role as the Central Region Chief, he truly exemplifies the ideals of Leave No Trace, leaving the entire region much better than he found it. Patrick’s single largest accomplishment was the creation of the Region Committee. The many facets of this committee will continue to shape our region for years to come. From identifying the best practices of service found within lodges, developing lodge and section communications teams, developing the National Leadership Seminar, promoting the amazing programs available at the National High Adventure Bases, managing websites for all sections and lodges, among many other tasks, the leadership teams that Patrick has developed will impact the Order of the Arrow for years to come. 

Patrick led us through some of the most challenging times that our organization has ever faced, with COVID leading to the cancellation of many events, at all levels of our program. Patrick stepped up, and worked to provide amazing programs in the form of Momentum Launch, Momentum Spark, the Section Officers Seminar, and worked with sections to continue to hold section conclaves. The Central Region will forever be changed for the better by Patrick’s influence!

Words from Terry Hendriex:

I’m excited to lead the Central Region family this year. 2021 will be a year full of new innovations for our organization, but I know our CR lodges will step up the plate and I can’t wait to see it!” -2021 Central Region Chief Terry Hendriex

Over the course of his five years in the Order of the Arrow, Terry has certainly had a great impact upon his fellow Arrowmen! In October of 2015, Terry began his journey upwards, by completing his Ordeal and becoming a member of Wenasa Quenhotan Lodge of W. D. Boyce Council. Soon, he began to take on leadership roles, eventually becoming the chief of Wenasa Quenhotan Lodge, and then the Section C-3A chief. 

His devotion to the Order of the Arrow soon resulted in numerous awards and honors put upon him by his lodge. In 2018, he was a recipient of the Wenasa Quenhotan Lodge Service Award, which is awarded to an outstanding member of the Lodge Executive Committee, who went above and beyond their duties to the lodge. In 2019, he was recognized for his devotion to the high ideals of our organization and received the Vigil Honor, taking the name “Allappiechsin Wulonqoam” [Fast Talking Dreamer]. The same year, he was also a recipient of the Founder’s Award. 

Over the years that Terry has been a key leader of his lodge and his section, he has had a phenomenal impact upon his fellow brothers. Joey T., who serves as Terry’s successor as chief of Wenasa Quenhotan Lodge and as the Section C-3A vice chief during Terry’s term, speaks highly of Terry, saying that, “Terry filled the ‘holes’ in our section by providing a wide range of tools for our lodge chiefs to use, giving them the opportunity to lead their lodges as they saw fit.” Joey also has fond memories of Terry serving as camp chief, as Terry had been willing to fill any position that needed assistance, ranging from serving as an elangomat to “running like a blur” during callout ceremonies. 

Isaac V., who serves as the chief of Cho-Gun-Mun-A-Nock Lodge, believes that, “Terry has been one of the most passionate and dedicated people I’ve ever seen to the OA and Scouting movement as a whole. His enthusiasm is contagious and rightfully so as many can or will see in his actions. As a lodge chief I can say first-hand that I’ve seen change in our own lodge that derived directly from Terry’s leadership.” Isaac’s high praise of Terry comes from the fact that “[Terry] has kept those of us who know him very passionate about the ideas that he presents to us. He gives the information in a way that we all understand and can perform in our own lodges. He is very responsive to messaging him and is eager and willing to help at any point in the day.” This sentiment about Terry is echoed throughout Section C-3A, with key figures like Alex B., who serves as the section secretary, speaking highly about Terry’s work ethic, and Josh S., who serves as the chief of Konepaka Ketiwa Lodge, saying, “Terry is going to do a great job as Chief and the Central Region made a great choice!”

When Terry is not focusing on his duties to the Order of the Arrow, he attends courses at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign on his path to earning degrees in Environmental Sustainability and Political Science, which he intends to use to pursue a career in consulting or government. On those rare occasions that Terry does have free time, he loves to lose himself in the rich worlds within the pages of fantasy novels or by whiling away the hours playing board games with his friends.

From his home lodge of Wenasa Quenhotan, to Section C-3A, to Arrowmen across the entire Central Region, we are all excited to see what Terry does next! We wish him the best of luck and are looking forward to seeing what he can accomplish as the 2021 Central Region Chief!

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