Announcing: LLD:Endeavor!

Has your Lodge Leadership Development (LLD) not measured up this year? Has your lodge struggled to transition to virtual sessions? Are your Arrowmen unenthusiastic about attending an LLD? Don’t you wish that there could be a better way to train your lodge?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Central Region Training Committee has the answer for you: Endeavor! LLD: Endeavor is designed to walk you through a program made up of tailored for your lodge’s unique position. From extensive syllabi to tips from our region’s most influential trainers, Endeavor will allow your trainers to provide the best experience for your Arrowmen!

From sessions that tackle the engagement of Arrowmen throughout their entire Inductions experience to a guide of building virtual events, LLD: Endeavor has a lot of variety to really accentuate your lodge’s skills. Click here to view your lodge’s custom sessions. Or, to explore the full range of LLD: Endeavor sessions, click here.

With a wide range of sessions filled with amazing insights, LLD: Endeavor will be perfect for your lodge! Once your lodge completes a session, your Arrowmen will be even more engaged and better prepared for your future success. Take your LLD to the next level today!

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