2019 Section Officers Seminar Recap

Last weekend, Section Officers & Advisers from all across the Central Region gathered at the Florida Sea Base in Islamorada, FL for the yearly Central Region Section Officers Seminar.

There, Section Officers and Advisers learned about the new role of the section and how it can best support lodges.  A new program to do this, the ACT Conference, is one of those programs section leaders learned about, and will be a program that sections will put on annually for lodges to attend.   ACT stands for ADAPT. COLLABORATE. THRIVE. ACT, a nationally standardized program, will focus on training lodges to thrive in elections, inductions, and activation.

Additionally, there were training sessions that touched on how to build better relationships with lodges, as well as updates from the Conclave 2.0 initiative.

Last but not least, fun was had during this exciting weekend.  Many sections came down to Florida early to enjoy the weather & everyone got to go snorkeling in the Florida Keys.  Below are a few of the sections that had some fun:

Section C-7 Officers rocking their sunglasses, hats, and their Section C-7 Hawaiian shirts before the Section Officers Seminar begins!


Section C-6A Officers & 2019 Central Region Chief Brandon Stahl having fun on the boat out to go snorkeling!


Section C-3B team posing for a fun picture on the boat out to go snorkeling.  Their team includes NLS Taskforce Lead Bryson Schroeder, Central Region Chairman Alyx Parker, and 2019 National Vice Chief Eric Harrison.