Our Past Region Chief’s Farewell

Brandon Stahl has served diligently throughout 2019, leading over 60,000 Arrowmen across 16 states that make up “The Great Midwest”. He helped plan and run National Leadership Seminars across the region and promote High Adventure programs. As 2019 comes to a close, so does his term. Lastly, he would like to share his parting thoughts with the region.

“My Fellow Arrowmen,

We have come off a year of focus, we looked at our organization as a whole, and saw the need to strive towards high performance in our lodges. However, at the end of the day, myself, Patrick, and our section leaders can’t do it alone. To our members reading this, I encourage you to take that extra step, there is something for everyone in this organization. When I first joined I had no clue what type of journey this organization would take me on, and the person I would become. But I decided to take that first step, and I haven’t looked back since. Your lodge needs you, your sections need you, our Order needs you. I look forward to seeing all the work our next generation will accomplish.”

In the Spirit of Brotherhood, Cheerfulness, and Service,

Brandon Stahl


Interview with Brandon Stahl:

Q: What did you enjoy most about serving as the region chief for the central region?

A: The best part about serving as Central Region Chief this year was getting the opportunity to travel across the region, meet Arrowmen, and truly serve as a voice for them in our organization. Hearing from everyone from my Section Chiefs to brand new Ordeal members, and what we could best do to help them in their various endeavors. 


Q: What was your biggest accomplishment while serving as the region chief for the central region?

A: One of the largest motivators I had for serving in this role was that I always felt the OA and scouting had the most significant impact on my life, and that I wanted to give back to it, so that others may get the same things I got out of it. After having put together three successful National Leadership Seminars, a Section Officer Seminar, and visiting various lodge and section events, I feel I have gotten the chance to give the Arrowmen I met at those events, a similar experience that I had gotten. 


Q: What was your greatest challenge while serving as the region chief for the central region?

A: The greatest challenge I faced as region chief was wanting to accomplish so much in so little time. While the term is a year-long, for me it passed by faster than I ever imagined. With so much to do it was an interesting situation to balance out wanting to hold stellar NLS and SOS, and then pursue other goals as the year continued to move on. 


Q: Do you have any words of wisdom for our next region chief?

A: For Patrick, our next Chief, the best bit of advice I can give is stay true to the values and reasons that made you want to run in the first place. He is going to take our region to amazing heights, and if he keeps his love for our program and region and the center of why he leads, we will be a stronger, closer, and better region for it.