APRIL 17-19




20/20 Vision 


The 2020 C-6A Conclave Theme:

“Catching the higher vision”

20/20 Vision: A plan for the future 

Not seeking any reward but embracing the pillars of our Order. Cheerfulness, Service and Brotherhood. Finding the Arrow is not just any journey.

It’s your journey, as we regard the ties of Brotherhood as lasting.

It’s your journey, as we seek to preserve a Cheerful Spirit even in the midst of irksome tasks and weighty responsibilities.

It’s your journey, as far as in your power lies, to be unselfish in Service and devotion to the welfare of others.

It’s your journey.



Sakima LodgeHOST

CVC Lead: Josh C.

Sakima Lodge will be hosting the 2020 Conclave of  “Catching the higher vision”   at Culver Military Academy Woodcraft Camp, Culver Indina.

Kiskakon LodgeTRAININGS

CVC Lead: Sean R.

 2020’s Conclave will offer various exciting training opportunities for everyone in attendance.  A hindsight look to the past and a vision to the future for Ordeal members along with an opportunity to enhance your lodge’s HPL metrics & SMART goals.  Finally, your lodge will have the chance to THRIVE by improving unit perceptions of the Order of the Arrow. 

Takachsin LodgeA.I.A

CVC Lead: Logan C.

American Indian Activites:

Lodges will be able to sign up in advance to compete in ceremony competitions for Pre-Ordeal, Ordeal, and Brotherhood ceremonies. Also looking for volunteers from all lodges to be judges. Sign up form for Ceremony Teams!

Nischa Chuppecat LodgeACTIVITIES

CVC Lead: Paul B. Come join us at Activities – where the fun is at! Participate in our obstacle course with a new vision of your path. Test your eagle eye on our putting green. Create a better vision to scope in your target at our range. Trust your fellow Arrowmen’s vision to put you on target. This Section Conclave will give you a chance to leave your mark on items that can feel the burn!

Jaccos Town LodgeSHOWS

CVC Lead: Max K.

We are the welcoming to the conclave. The ones who lay down the vision. When you arrive to Conclave Friday, be prepared to laugh, cry, and learn. Sit together with your Lodge, as we present a story of Brotherhood, Cheerfulness, and ServiceOn Saturday, our story concludes in the council fire, and each Lodge will be presented their awards from the weekend. Join us for opening and closing shows and meet a fellow arrowman, Jimmy, who has lost his vision.


CVC Lead: Luke S.

Special Events will once again host a VIA luncheon! The VIA luncheon is for the Chiefs and Bear Scholars for each lodge, where we celebrate some of the very important Arrowmen in our section. Other special events include a Euchre tournament following the Saturday night show and an Ice cream social with all of your favorite toppings. You will also receive a cool OA Section C-6A   <swag>  . We can’t wait to SEE you at conclave.

The Auction

Lead: Jay Copra

Did you know anyone can participate in the Section Patch Auction? Did you know you can make a few dollars from the auction while you help the Section and clean out your old Scout items, camping items, etc? Learn more how you can participate as a seller or a bidder at the Section C-6A Patch Auction by downloading the materials here. There will be a silent auction, a live auction, and many items will be youth bidders only!  Any questions about the patch auction can be sent to Jay Copra at  jcopra@rocketmail.com.

Section ElectionsELECTIONS

Section Conclave allows us the opportunity to hold our Section Officer Elections. Want to run? Find the application here! 

Want to know what it takes to be a Section Officer? Look here!

2020 When


April 17 – 19

    2020 Location


    Woodcraft Camp  Culver Indiana


    2020 PRICE



    for Tent Camping

    Registration Closes April 8th at 11:59 PM


    for In Cabin Camping

    Registration Closes April 8th at 11:59 PM




    Registration will be coming soon for 2020!

    April 17-192020 

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