2020 Conclave Theme Reveal

2020 Vision: A plan for the future.

Our vision needs to be clear to thrive in the future. One can not be near-sighted when preparing for 2020 and beyond. It causes us to focus too deeply on the present and be unready for the future. In contrast, being far-sighted does not consider the morals and things closest to you. This impairment limits us to looking too far forward and inhibits us from living in and building from the present.

Our vision is clear, unobstructed, and 20/20 . 

Our vision for the future is encompassed in cheerfulness, brotherhood, and service.

Our vision, our future is YOU.

The vision is clear. Section C-6A would like to invite you to join us at the largest gathering of Arrowmen in Indiana for the 2020 year.  While we all may not have 20/20 vision, we will truly share a 20/20 vision together for the 2020 Section C6A Conclave at Culver Military Academies Woodcraft Camp. During the weekend of April 17-19, we will share a clear vision of fun & fellowship, and every lodge in our Section will be playing a part in solidifying our vision.

Visit our Conclave page to learn more!

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