Supporting Units through Really Great Elections.

We hope these SURGE resources will help your chapter and lodge develop a really great relationship with your LDS units and successfully provide them with really great unit elections.

Section W-2W SURGE is a program developed by Section W-2W that includes lodges in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. SURGE is specifically designed for outreach to units that are chartered towards the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Why SURGE? LDS units have lower than normal participation in Scouting’s National Honor Society, the Order of the Arrow. Sometimes unit election teams are poorly trained and leave a poor first impression. If the unit election team does not provide a really great election experience, newly elected Scouts may not complete the induction process.

Section Meeting Some facts we can consider.

Every council and lodge has LDS units. 1 in 6 Scouts in the US are in an LDS unit but less than 1% of those LDS Scouts are Arrowmen. In most councils, the OA has lost or never had a relationship with their LDS units. SURGE is a resource to help you develop a relationship with your LDS units and provide really great elections that will result in a large number of LDS Scouts participating in the Order of the Arrow’s really great programs.

The LDS Unit Election video is designed to be shown at a troop or team election. It can also be shown to Scoutmasters, parents, church leaders, at roundtables and at council LDS-BSA Relationships committee meetings.

The “how to” document that comes with the video should help you understand Scouting in the LDS Church youth program and how to develop relationships with church leaders, unit leaders and the LDS Eagle Scouts you will find in almost every LDS ward in your council.

Growth in the Order of the Arrow is possible if we develop really great relationships with our LDS units and support them with really great elections.


Surge Documents may found “Here



For access to the video please reach out to either your Lodge Chief or Lodge Adviser