In 1971 Metab #216 and Po-E-Mo #426 merged. This merger took place after the Great Rivers Council merged with Lake of the Ozark Council. The name Nampa-Tsi translated means “twin lodges.”

There have been different designs for the lodge pocket flap. The original design of our lodge flap, by Vigil Honor James Quick, had an Osage (pronounced Oh-Sog-Eh) Indian with a reservation hat, a coup staff, a flaming arrow, a lake and rivers, and two tepees. Some think that the hat was worn by the Osage Indian because they traded with settlers. This was not the case. The hats were taken as a coup from pioneer settlers after they had been scalped.

The lodge flap currently contains items from both lodges. The number 216 was taken because it was lower, and the flaming arrow is from Po-E-Mo. The Indian and the coup staff are from Metab. The lake represents the Lake of the Ozarks, and the river represents the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. A single lodge replaced the two, and it has two red stripes around a white lodge, representing the two lodges. The original flap was recreated in 1996 with a silver border and other 25th anniversary distinctions.

There have been many chiefs since 1971, the first was Steve Goeke. Steve continued to serve Scouting and was on the 1985 National Jamboree Staff. Nampa-Tsi Lodge is a member of the former NC-5 Section of the North Central Region. In 1980, John Andrews was Section Chief and Scott Swafford served as Vice Chief. In 1986 Jason Cruse served as Vice Chief, and in 1987 Mark Scheiderer was Secretary for NC-5. The Lodge hosted NC-5 Section Conclaves in 1976 and 1987. With the development of four regions in 1993, we were moved to the Central Region and Section C-6. We were service lodge for the 1997 C-6 Section Conclave at our Camp Thunderbird. In 2009, Nampa-Tsi Lodge was aligned with Section C-5B in the Central Region. We are yet to boast of National Leadership, but we have had many participants attend NOAC, NLS, and High Adventure.

Nampa-Tsi Lodge promotes camping at Camp Hohn inside Lake of the Ozarks Scout Reservation. Hohn is on the Lake of the Ozarks. Brotherhood at camp is a great program we have been running for a few years to help our conversion rate. 1997 saw the achievement of Quality Lodge and attainment of a National Service Grant. Year-to-year we have at least 75% of our lodge officers on summer camp staff.

One of our past advisers, Darrell Golden, personally led 24 Philmont Treks of our council contingent. Our contingents to Philmont have given many boys and leaders a great High Adventure experience. Order of the Arrow Trail Crew at Philmont Scout Ranch has been well responded to by our lodge. Five of our lodge’s Arrowmen have participated, and one of those has also served on staff for the program.

Nampa-Tsi Lodge Website

Lodge Chief: Luke

Lodge Adviser: Bill Corwin