The honor society of Camp Mitigwa, The Old Guard Honor Society, began in 1931 by Scout Executive J.C. Underwood.  The stated purpose of the Old Guard was to assemble veteran and qualified campers to maintain and perpetuate the ideas and traditions of Camp Mitigwa.

In 1951, the Council Executive Board approved the petition for membership into the Order of the Arrow, which was integrated into the Boy Scout movement in 1948.  So began Mitigwa Lodge #450.  The members of the Old Guard were first inducted in the summer of 1951 by special ceremonies performed by an Illinek Lodge #132. Our summer inductions at camp have continued to this day.

In 1970, BoQui Lodge, of the former Southern Iowa Area Council merged with Tall Corn Area Council to form the Mid-Iowa Council, merged into Mitigwa lodge and formed Golden Eagle Chapter to make Mitigwa Lodge as it is today.

In 1998 and 2004, Mitigwa Lodge served as the Service Lodge for the National Order of the Arrow Conference held at Iowa State University in Ames Iowa.  In 2004, The National Order of the Arrow discontinued using numbers to designate lodges thus while we can still use #450 it has no meaning.  The Mitigwa Lodge is recognized as serving the Mid-Iowa Council #177.

In 2001, the Mitigwa Lodge celebrated its 50th Anniversary of existence.  It was celebrated with a commemorative gold lodge flap which was presented as the Lodge Service Award.  The Lodge re-issued the original Green Border, white background Mitigwa Flap with the dates 1951-2001 stitched into it.

Mitigwa Lodge Website

Lodge Chief: Jaret

Lodge Adviser: Dana Danks