Dzie-Hauk Tonga

Dzie-Hauk Tonga Lodge was formed in May of 1950. Dzie-Hauk Tonga is a part of the Jayhawk Area Council. The lodge and the council have never merged with other councils or lodges and have kept the same council boundaries since their establishment. The lodge consolidated from 5 to 4 chapters around 1976 and in 1994 to the 3 chapters, Shawnee, Sojadi, and Oregon Trail used today. The Shawnee chapter encompasses the Topeka metro area, (approximately 200,000). The other two chapters cover an area that runs 70 miles south, 60 miles north, 20 miles east and 45 miles west of Topeka. Emporia (25,000) is the only other city in the lodge that has more than 3,000 people. Lodge membership is between 350 – 400 members. Since 1953 our lodge has selected over 400 vigil candidates including Roy Williams, the former chief scout executive, in 1984. We have also selected 38 founder recipients.

Dzie-Hauk Tonga Lodge is home at Camp Jayhawk which celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2006. The camp is located approximately 20 miles northeast of Topeka or just east of the Lake Perry Reservoir in one of the most scenic areas in Kansas. Most of the camp is in a wooded area surrounding 35 acres, Lake Jayhawk where all of the aquatics activities occur. It is part of the 340 acres Falley Scout Reservation that was renamed in 1994. We have recently started a capital campaign to raise 3.5 million to add a cub camp and upgrade the Boy Scout camp.

The lodge hosts several events each year, spring fellowship in April and fall fellowship in September. Since 2006 the winter banquet, held in February, has again been consolidated with the council dinner and attendance has increased from 75 to over 200 each year. Lodge members have hosted numerous Section Conclaves over the years, attended NOAC and in general enjoyed a great tradition of cheerful service and brotherhood.

Dzie-Hauk Tonga Lodge Website

Lodge Chief: Stephen

Lodge Adviser: Matthew Riley