Lodge Partnership Program (LPP)

Description: This program is a partnership between different lodges in the section. Lodges will be partnered up with other lodges in the section in order to form a bound or partnership. The program is overseen by the Section Vice Chief.

Purpose: Build a sense of brotherhood and community between different lodges in the section. The lodges are meant to work together in several ways. The first is attending each other’s events. While attending these events brothers from the different lodges should gain a sense of community and get to know the officers and advisers of their partner lodge. The lodges should also see how other lodges run their events like induction weekends, reunions, fun weekends, etc. The lodges should share ideas in order to make each other’s lodges stronger. The lodges should also share their “best practices”. This way the lodges can find out what their fellow lodges in the section are doing and then try to duplicate the successful programs in their lodges. The overall purpose of the program is to form bonds between lodges and help build the lodges so they have a better program for the youth of their lodge and council.

Partnership Assignments: The section chief and vice chief will assign the lodge partnership assignments at the first COC of their term.

Ways to have a good partnership
• Keep constant communication between the lodge officers of both lodges.
• Invite members/ officers of your partner lodge to your events.
• Share lodge’s “best practices” with partner lodge.
• Show partner lodge how they run their events
• Talk about each other’s programs and work together to improve the programs.
• Work together to potentially plan an event between the two lodges.
• Keep the partnership going even after the “assigned” year is over.

If you have any questions about the Lodge Partnership Program please email the Section Vice Chief