At the conclusion of the final C-6A conclave at Camp Arrowhead, Section C-5B held our 2004-05 officer elections. Kansa and Mandan Lodges, from the defunct C-6B, were invited to the conclave to participate in the election; however, Mandan Lodge was unable to attend. The first Section C-5B conclave was held at Quivira Scout Ranch in 2005.

Old C-5B:

Wah-Sha-She 42 (from C-6A)
Tamegonit 147 (from C-6A)
Kansa 198 (from C-6B)
Mandan 372 (from C-6B)

In 2008, the Central Region reorganized its areas. Sections were also to have been realigned.

New C-5B Moved to C-5A
Wah-Sha-She 42
Tamegonit 147
Mitigwa 450 (from C-1C)
Dzie-Hauk Tonga 429 (from C-5A)
Nampa-Tsi 216 (from C-5C)
Kansa 198
Mandan 372

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