Section G6

History and Past Leadership

Our Section has a rich history, and we’re extremely proud of what our Lodges and their Arrowmen have accomplished. Our past leadership has left a legacy of engagement and innovation for the Section to continue to build upon.

Section g6


At the conclusion of the final C-6A conclave at Camp Arrowhead, Section C-5B held our 2004-05 officer elections. Kansa and Mandan Lodges, from the defunct C-6B, were invited to the conclave to participate in the election; however, Mandan Lodge was unable to attend. The first Section C-5B conclave was held at Quivira Scout Ranch in 2005. At the National Planning Meeting in 2021, the region/section realignment went in to affect and Section G6 was born with the same lodges as C-5B.

Section g6

Historical Structure

In 2008, the Central Region reorganized its Areas. The Central Region Sections were also realigned.

Original C-5B

Kansa Lodge #198 (from C-6B)

Mandan Lodge #372 (from C-6B)

Tamegonit Lodge #147 (from C-6A)

Wah-Sha-She Lodge #42 (from C-6A)

Current G6 and Past C-5B

Dzie-Hauk Tonga Lodge #429 (from C-5A)

Mitigwa Lodge #450 (from C-1C)

Nampa-Tsi Lodge #216 (from C-5C)

Tamegonit Lodge #147

Wah-Sha-She Lodge #42

Lodges Moved to C-5A

Kansa Lodge #198

Mandan Lodge #372

Section C-5B Historical Leadership

Historical Leadership Notes

 – Matthew Bippes resigned as Secretary, and Joe Ward was elected as the new Secretary during a special election.

 – The 2012-2013 Officer Team served for 6 months due to Conclave being moved from the Fall to the Spring after the 2012 Conclave.

 – Collin Huerter resigned as Chief, after being elected Central Region Chief, and Nathan Rackers was elected as the new Chief during a special election.

 – Both Collin and Chris and Ian and Andrew served as co-officers due to the Section realigning with new Lodges during the 2009-2010 term.

 – The 2005-2007 Officer team served for 18 months due to Conclave being moved from the Spring to the Fall after the 2005 Conclave.

National Leadership Positions









Joe Ward

Garret Schmidt

Thomas Ward

Collin Huerter

Kyle Brown

Kevin Hula


NOAC Sustainability CVC


ArrowTour Program CVC

Central Region Chief

Central Region Chief

North Central Region Chief






Dzie-Hauk Tonga


Dzie-Hauk Tonga

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