Recent OA National Policy Changes

As many of you probably already know, the National Order of the Arrow committee has made a few policy changes recently after their recent national committee meeting. Please click here to view the original message from the national committee.

First, the time requirement for Ordeals before they can seal their membership in Brotherhood has been reduced from 10 months to 6 months. Otherwise, the requirements for Brotherhood have not functionally changed. This eligibility requirement has not been updated into Lodgemaster at the current moment, but we have contacted the national membership committee to seek an answer to this query. This may mean you will want to change when you have certain events to accommodate the ability to assist in the Brotherhood Conversion rate.

Second, Lodge Journey to Excellence has been discontinued and replaced with the new Performance Measurement Program. Check out the new Performance Measurement Program Sheet. That being said, the requirements remain very similar to almost exact of what the new 2019 JTE was, however, the point system has changed and there are only Thriving and High Performing Categories. We are going to try and help each and every one of the Lodge in Section C-5b attain the High Performing Lodge Distinction over the next year. This will be filled out at the end of the year during recharter, similar to how Lodge JTE was previously filled out.

Finally, the national committee has asked the Section to expand its role from hosting just a conclave to helping each lodge become high performing in addition to the conclave. The Section Leadership is making a determination on how exactly we will expand our help to each of our lodges, but here is what we can tell you now:

We are going to make every effort to visit each lodge at least once. These visits are going to change however from just Section Officers showing their faces to more of a performance review and trying to bring new techniques to help each lodge succeed. There is nothing wrong with new and outside ideas, and we want these visits to help bring that.

We will also be working with the Lodge Chiefs and Lodge Executive Committees of each of our Lodges to provide them with the right support to succeed and the proper resources to become high performing. This may include visits and or phone calls on a more frequent basis as well as performance reviews of LEC meetings.

Overall, we are going to try and make data-driven analysis of our lodges to try and make every lodge high performing and provide them with the proper recourses to succeed. This may include more events, more trainings, more visits, more chairman, and more involvement on the section level and the Section Officers, Advisers and Leadership team will be doing their best to make this a reality for each of our lodges.

Be on the lookout for more information coming from the Section Leadership over the next few months with updates on these policy changes, and continue to remind your lodges of the available positions at the section level. If we band together and strive to be high performing, there is nothing that can stand in our way.

If you have any questions about these new policies or how the section is going to help your lodge, please feel free to reach out to any member of the Section leadership team.  Joe Ward, our Section Chief, is off on Philmont Staff currently, so he may have limited availability to communicate with Arrowmen right now. Section C-5B wants to provide its Lodges with a great amount of support in this time of change and improvement in the Order of the Arrow.

In Brotherhood,

Your Section Officers

Joe Ward –

Brian Blood –  

Kurt Johnson –

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