New Section Secretary – Kurt Johnson

Kurt hails from Lenexa, KS. He is an Eagle Scout and a Vigil Honor member of Tamegonit Lodge. Kurt serves as the Secretary for Section C-5B. In the past, he served as the Promotions Chairman and Written Content Lead for the Section, and he previously served as the Vice-Chief of Inductions along with numerous other positions for Tamegonit Lodge. Kurt has served on OA National Event Staff for both the 2017 National Jamboree and NOAC 2018. Kurt attends the University of Missouri – Kansas City and is studying business administration. He enjoys playing the drums, watching movies and sports, and walking his dogs.


As Secretary, Kurt Assists the Section Chief in communicating with members of the Council of Chiefs and Advisers. He records the minutes of all meetings of the Council of Chiefs, and the Conclave business meetings. He maintains an up-to-date roster of names, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses of the Council of Chiefs members. He is responsible for effectively maintaining communications between the Section and its Lodges. He is responsible for the promotion of Section, Region, and National events through the Section and its Lodges. Kurt is responsible for connecting with Section C-5B’s Lodges and the flow of information throughout the Section.


If you would like to contact Kurt, you can reach him through his email at

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