Officer Appreciation Post

Passing the Torch

The Section would like to extend a thank you to the previous Officer Leadership for 2018-19 term year. The Officers for last year were: Chief: Garret S., Vice-Chief: Joe W., Secretary: Greg D. Their tremendous work and effort helped the Section put on a great Conclave at  Camp Naish just over a week ago. They provided the COC with the necessary materials and resources to succeed, and they helped create the new Communications Committee,  that operates the Section’s social media, promotional materials, the website, the flow of information throughout the Section, and much more. At Conclave, the Section elected new Officers for this year. The Section elected Joe W. as Chief, Brian B. as Vice-Chief, and Kurt J. as Secretary. The newly elected leadership is excited for what the coming year will bring for our Section. Once again, we would like to extend congratulations to the newly elected leadership and a thank you to the previous Officers.

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