2019 Tornado Alley Rally Recap

Tornado Alley Rally Recap

The first ever Tornado Alley Rally was a momentous event. Conclave was held at the Theodore Naish Scout Reservation in Bonner Springs, Kansas. Tamegonit Lodge hosted Conclave this year, and Section C-5B wants to thank Tamegonit’s Arrowmen for all of their effort and planning in making Conclave a huge success this year.

Activities and Competitions

Conclave had many exciting activities and expositions. A highlight of Conclave this year was the new and improved training sessions. Each training session was shortened, so that Arrowmen could be emersed in a number of different trainings. Emphasis was put on engagement between trainers and their audiences. Other exciting activities from Conclave were the Escape Room, iFly exhibit, Shooting Sports, and the Conclave Passport.

Conclave also had many exciting competitions. A highlight was the Ceremonies and Dance competitions. Arrowmen across each Lodge competed in the Pre-Ordeal ceremony, and awards were given out for the top teams and top individual performers. Dancers competed in the various styles of Native American dance, and both these competitions were a sight to see. Other thrilling competitions include Lodgeball and the 5k run.

A Weekend to Remember

Conclave culminated with the closing show. Many awards and recognitions were given out during the show. Section C-5B’s first RD Dunkin Class was revealed as well. The ultimate bragging rights were earned through the Section Traveling Trophy as well, Dzie-Hauk Tonga retained their title for another year. The Section wants to congratulate Dzie-Hauk Tonga Lodge for their continued participation and enthusiasm at Conclave each year. Section Officer elections also occurred during the closing show, the new Section Officers for Section C-5B are Joe Ward as Chief, Brian Blood as Vice Chief, and Kurt Johnson as Secretary. The show ended with the 2018-2019 Officers and Advisers expressing their appreciation for each other’s service throughout the past year.

Section C-5B hopes everyone enjoyed this year’s Tornado Alley Rally at Camp Naish, and we hope to see you all at Camp Arrowhead for next year’s Rally. The Section wants to thank all staff and participants for making this year’s Conclave an event to remember and build off of.


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