2019 Central Region Area 5 HPLS Recap

Section C-5B and Section C-5A recently collaborated to put on a top-notch weekend of training and fellowship. The 2019 High Performing Lodge Seminar was hosted by Tamegonit Lodge at the Theodore Naish Scout Reservation. Participants learned from some of the best trainers in Area 5 and worked together with Arrowmen from 12 different Lodges. Participants were familiarized with the aspects of a High Performing Lodge, and they learned how to increase their Lodge’s performance in each aspect. Another exciting feature of the weekend was that each Section held a Council of Chiefs meeting, where participants were able to observe how a Section meeting functions. This weekend was an amazing opportunity to learn how you can make a lasting impact on your lodge. Depending on the popularity and feedback from this Seminar the Section may vote to continue offering this program in the future. The Section would like to thank all the participants and staff who made the seminar a weekend to remember!

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