“Meet The Officer” – Secretary

Joe Ward is a Vigil Honor member for Tamegonit Lodge and an Eagle Scout from Troop 83 in Olathe, Kansas. He has served on camp staff for two years and has attended both Philmont and Northern Tier.  Joe has served in many positions in his lodge, chapter, and troop. He has served on the membership committee for Tamegonit Lodge for 3 years. In 2015 Joe served as the Arrowtour Committee Chair for his lodge. Currently Joe is the Vice-Chief of Administration for his lodge, and is  also serving as Junior Assistant Scoutmaster in his troop. He is a member of National Honor Society at his school. Joe is serving as the 2016/2017 Section Secretary and is in charge of keeping minutes at COC meeting and sending them out to the section, keeps a up to date roster of section leadership, and helps the section chief with communicating with members of the council of chiefs.

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