Section C-1B Conclave

What is Conclave?

Section Conclave is an annual event where five lodges from Central Region Section 1B get together for fellowship, training, and lots of fun while celebrating the traditions of the Order of the Arrow.

Why should I attend?

Join Arrowmen from across Section C-1B for our annual Section fellowship and training event. There’s something for everyone from the newest Ordeal to the most experience Vigil. Check out the Conclave schedule for everything you’ll see there!

What does Conclave offer?

This event will showcase the best of the Order of the Arrow! Learn about history and traditions of the Order as well as skills you can use in and outside of Scouting

Key Event Information

Date: September 17-19, 2021
Location: Camp Decorah
Registration: Coming late Spring 2021

Section Officer Elections

Interested in running for Section Chief, Vice Chief, or Secretary? Each position has different responsibilities within the Section and elections for each position will occur during the 2020 Section C-1B Conclave. Details will be announce soon. Check out the Section Planbook for information on each position. If you’ve decided you want to run, complete this interest form and obtain written approval from your council’s Scout executive and submit it to the Section Adviser at