Region Branding

The Branding Guide

A branding guide has been developed to help chapters, lodges and sections incorporate the Central Region, Order of the Arrow brand into their communication materials. We are excited to share this new resource and take one more step toward better and more unified OA communications. Please take a moment to download and view the branding guide, as well as the corresponding assets.

The guide gives direction for utilizing key region assets: the logo and wordmark. The guide also provides guidance on color and font usage, as well as information about print materials, and other branded items.

The new branding guide also contains resources for all Arrowmen, lodges and sections to use for year-round promotional materials such as newsletters, websites and flyers. We need your help to strengthen the Central Region brand as we move forward. By using consistent brand elements and adhering to the published guidelines, we can create a strong, unified voice for our organization.

Please reach out to if you have any questions regarding the use of the Central Region branding guidelines or resources.

Behind the Brand

At its core, the Central Region is made of thousands of Arrowmen all working together to serve a singular purpose. A purpose of serving others, advancing the lives of others and bettering the communities they represent. The individuals that make up the Central Region hold an optimistic mindset rather than an arrogant one, they are professional in their actions versus being cold and unfriendly, and they are innovative in the projects they create and tactics they use instead of risking something which may not return positive interest. They are comforting and a trusted ally, they insist on educating others along the journey rather than being overbearing, and they are compassionate toward others who are interested in the same common purpose.


The Central Region identity exemplifies what each Arrowmen represents in a methodical and meticulous manner. At first sight, the logo is simple and can easily be sketched in a notebook of a Scout who’s waiting in line or daydreaming about their future pursuits. Two large letters, “C” and “R,” signify not only the name for the region but are formed as to not appear closed off. Just like Arrowmen from the Central Region who always have open arms to welcome all who enter. They are brought in as family. The Central Region is only one part of the puzzle which is why at the center is a thinner arrow that ties the entire identity together with the broader organization of the Order of the Arrow. The arrow is a prevalent motif that connects everything Arrowmen do and shows how the bonds of brotherhood guide us in common purpose and are at the forefront of our actions. The arrow points upward just as the region continuously looks ahead, brings progressive thoughts to the forefront and always presses forward even in the midst of irksome tasks and weighty responsibilities.


We are, CR.