After the conclusion of the national webinar, THRIVE, it was made clear to all that things needed to change in our Order.  This past March, Section C-3B made a huge step towards these changes by hosting an event that brought Arrowmen, Sea Scouts, Cub Scouts, and non scouters together to enjoy and celebrate Native American Culture.



This event, called the American Indian Seminar, (AIS), included dance performances every night, with crafts, vendors, games, and other educational programs throughout the day.  Plans are in place for AIS to continue biannually as Section C-3B leads the way in including as many people as possible in all the benefits our Order has to offer.

Additionally, just a few weeks ago, Arrowmen from all across the St. Louis area gathered for Section C-3B’s annual Section Conclave. Highlights from the event include the annual lodgeball tournament, rock climbing, rifle/shotgun shooting, history exhibits, and more!


To cap off a great conclave weekend, the new Section Officers were elected to lead Section C-3B to even greater achievements throughout the upcoming year.  Congratulations to Section Chief Andrea P. (center), Section Vice Chief Hayden S. (left), and Section Secretary Dawson B. (right)!

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