Region History

The region structure as it is known today can be most easily traced back to 1972 when the National Order of the Arrow Committee voted to approve the establishment of a region chief position (prior to 1972, the Boy Scouts of America was organized into ten regions, and beginning in 1972, the national structure was divided into six regions). The first region chiefs, along with the national chief and national vice chief, were elected in December of 1974 and served two-year terms. Along with this new level of youth leadership came the creation of a “regional OA committee”, similar to the national structure, that includes a chairman who is recommended for service on the regional Scouting committee and the region chief, who serves as a youth representative on the regional board. According to The History of the Order of the Arrow by Dr. Kenneth Davis, the approval of the regional Order of the Arrow structure proved to be one of the key accomplishments of the Order in the 1970s. The regional leadership brought positive effects to the Order in terms of outreach, communications, and field programs.

The next major change in regional structure came to the Order of the Arrow in December of 1984 when the committee made the change to limit the national officer’s term to one year as opposed to two-year terms that had been in place since the 1974 elections. Finally, in 1992, the BSA structure included the four regions that are currently in place today, which resulted in the creation of the Central Region, Boy Scouts of America. The new region was a merging of the East Central and North Central regions, and the regional headquarters moved to where it was until 2009 in Naperville, Illinois. Today, all regional offices have been moved to Boy Scouts of America headquarters in Texas.

Past Central Region Leadership

Year Region Chief Region Chairman
2021 Terry Hendriex Mike Tangen
2020 Patrick McInerney Alyx Parker
2019 Brandon Stahl Alyx Parker
2018 Will Coots Alyx Parker
2017 Taylor Giles Dan Segersin
2016 Logan Greene Dan Segersin
2015 Joey Dierdorf Dan Segersin
2014 Ricky Angeletti Dan Segersin
2013 Mike Gray Dan Segersin
2012 Marty Opthoff Chris Grove
2011 Collin Huerter Chris Grove
2010 Richie Ferolo Chris Grove
2009 Michael Beckman Chris Grove
2008 Tyler Elliott Chris Grove
2007 Don Hough Chris Grove
2006 Russ Bresnahan R.D. Dunkin
2005 Paul Jensen R.D. Dunkin
2004 Joe Sadewesser R.D. Dunkin
2003 Adam Enerson R.D. Dunkin
2002 Brian Herren R.D. Dunkin
2001 Dominique Baker R.D. Dunkin
2000 Luke Wolfe R.D. Dunkin
1999 Aaron Kreager R.D. Dunkin
1998 Ryan King R.D. Dunkin
1997 Jason Accola R.D. Dunkin
1996 JJ Arnold R.D. Dunkin
1995 Alyx Parker R.D. Dunkin
1994 Kyle Brown Pat Ross, R.D. Dunkin
1993 Joel Shapiro Pat Ross
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Past North Central Region Leadership

Year Region Chief Region Chairman
1992 Ray Ridgeway Brad Haddock
1991 Dean Frommelt Gene Schnell, Brad Haddock
1989 Chris Belden Gene Schnell
1988 Daniel Fee Brad Haddock, Gene Schnell
1987 Steve Meinhold Brad Haddock
1986 Andrew Wright Brad Haddock
1985 Kevin Hula E.D. Paulson, Brad Haddock
1982-84 Darrel Bieker Jack Virtue, M.J. Coyle
1980-82 Arnold Heck Jack Virtue
1978-80 Roger Hoyme Sid North, Jack Virtue
1976-78 Charles Clabots Sid North
1974-76 Ron Amen George Feil, Sid North
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Past East Central Region Leadership

Year Region Chief Region Chairman
1992 Charles P. Taylor
1991 Art Stevens Ken Grimes
1989 Mike Hartman C. Younkman
1988 Kevin Bokesch Edward Pease, C. Younkman
1987 Skip Van Bloem Edward Pease
1986 Jon Jones Ray Lee, Edward Pease
1985 Matt Sorensen Ray Lee
1982-84 Rick Woodward Ray Lee
1980-82 Rob Akes Bob Bradshaw
1978-80 Brian Kasal Bob Bradshaw
1976-78 Larry Ewaska Bob Bradshaw
1974-76 Max Miller Bob Bradshaw
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Past National Leadership From the Central Region

We also honor Arrowmen from the Central Region that were elected to provide national leadership to the Order of the Arrow:

2019 Eric Harrison National Vice Chief
2018 Michael Kipp National Vice Chief
2011 Dan Dick National Vice Chief
2010 Brad Lichota National Chief
2009 Jack O’Neill National Chief
2008 Benjamin Stilwill National Vice Chief
2006 Chris Schildknecht National Vice Chief
2004 Jeff Hayward National Chief
2003 Rich Moore National Vice Chief
1997 Chris Rogers National Chief
1996 Ryan Miske National Vice Chief
1995 Josh Feigelson National Chief
1994 Kyle Tanner National Vice Chief
1990 Tony Steinhardt National Vice Chief
1989 Wade Herbranson National Vice Chief
1983 Bob Wade National Chief
1980 Kevin Moll National Vice Chief
1975 Brad Haddock National Chief
1971 Jim Widmaier National Vice Chief
1967 Robert Szczys National Chief
1965 Michael S. Costello National Chief
1963 Gerald R. McNellis National Vice Chief
1961 Ron Temple National Chief
1958 James W. Kolka National Chief
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The above information was gathered through research of the History of the Order of the Arrow, 3rd edition by Dr. Ken Davis.