Chiefs & Key 3

2019 National Chief
Matt Parsons

2019 National Vice Chief
Eric Harrison

National Chairman
Michael G. Hoffman

National Director
Matthew W. Dukeman

Associate Director
Travis M. Rubelee

National Vice Chairmen

Financial Operations and Strategic Planning
Glenn T. Ault

Special Projects
Scott W. Beckett

Region and Section Operations
Steven D. Bradley

Immediate Past Chairman
Ray T. Capp

Anthony J. Fiori

David W. Garrett

Outdoor Adventures
Christopher A. Grove

Bradley E. Haddock

Unit, Chapter, and Lodge Support
Jeffrey Q. Jonasen

Council Relations
Edward A. Pease

Youth Protection
Hector A. (Tico) Perez

Thomas S. Bain

N. Anthony Steinhardt, III

National Events
Clint E. Takeshita

Recognition, Awards, History, and Preservation
Michael L. Thompson