Region Committees

The Central Region has multiple committees to assist in achieving its mission and goals. These key volunteers provide exceptional service and expertise with tasks ranging from putting together the quarterly newsletter, making the information available electronically, and even in assisting in the success of regional training events. There are two primary committees within the Central Region. In additional to region-specific committee members, persons from the Central Region on the National Order of the Arrow Committee are also considered to be on the Central Region Committee.

Region Key 3

Name Position
Brandon Stahl Region Chief
Alyx Parker Region Chairman
Jeff Stout Staff Adviser


Region Committee – Communications

Committee Leadership

Name Position Lodge Section
Tyler Gerds Lead Kanwa Tho C-7
Luke Gallagher Deputy Lead Nampa-Tsi C-5B
Zack Sinsheimer Lead Adviser Kit-Ke-Hak-O-Kut C-5A



Written Content

Name Position Lodge Section
Alex Spanenberg Lead Jaccos Towne C-6A
Patrick Mclnerney Deputy Lead Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Lodge C-7
Javier Montano Content Creator Takhone C-7
Kyle Waiss Content Creator Kanwa Tho C-7
  Content Creator    
Colin Shock Adviser Menawngihella C-4


Visual Content

Name Position Lodge Section
CJ Schmidt Lead Woapink C-3B
  Deputy Lead    
Harley Hoff Brand-Creative Services Marnoc C-4


Name Position Lodge Section
Ian Flickinger Lead Totanhan Nakaha C-1A
Jake Deane Photographer Tamegonit C-5B
Ray Taylor Photographer Sippo C-4


Name Position Lodge Section
Harry Wald Lead Tamegonit C-5B


Section Relations

Name Position Lodge Section
Nick Hubbell Lead Tecumseh C-4
Joey Snella Deputy Lead Lowaneu Allanque C-7


Web Content

Name Position Lodge Section
Kurt Johnson Lead Tamegonit C-5B
  Deputy Lead    
Glen Gochenour Web Engineer Illinek Lodge C-3B
Jameson Payne Web Engineer Erielhonan C-4
Luke Schweickart Web Engineer Kiondaga C-6A
Stephen Enochian Support Kon Wapos C-1B
Garland Kent Support Nischa Chuppecat C-6A
Cam Frederick Adviser Sac-N-Fox C-3A
Blake Krehely Associate Adviser Totanhan Nakaha C-1A


Social Media

Name Position Lodge Section
Jackson Budwell Lead Nisha Kittan C-3B
Robbie Dzierzanowski Deputy Lead Lowaneu Allanque C-7
  Social Media Support    
Colin Shock Adviser Menawngihella C-4



Name Position Lodge Section
  Deputy Lead