Section C-6A covers almost the entire stretch of Indiana and proudly serves 6 Lodges. While relatively smaller compared to other Sections, it certainly makes up for it in Spirit. The section brings in around 200 Arrowman from the section for its annual Conclave. Their Lodges have stepped up every year and led their conclaves extremely well.

Section C-6A at all levels is on board with the same mission of supporting our local Arrowman, and everything to do within that. Teamwork and brotherhood is something the Section stands out on. C-6A gets stuff done by not just putting on a good program but making sure everyone is working towards the common goal and vision.

Although they cannot currently host events in person, they are actively looking into the statistics that go into the PMP as well as what the ACT Conference represents to support their Lodge’s growth. C-6A is currently improving it’s digital presence, as one of the strongest ways to reach out to local Arrowmen and to assist Lodges virtually.

Section C-6A’s ACT Conference will be held in November and the Section is planning to make it feel like a mini-conclave for a full weekend event. Training will take place Friday night and Saturday morning, followed by brotherhood and fellowship. The Section hopes this event will attract more than just the Lodge Leadership that way a larger amount of Arrowman can get behind our vision and bring it back to their Lodges.

Section C-6A will be hosting their elections of officers for the next term over conference call due to COVID-19 but the Section is well prepared and knowledgable on these methods after opportunities to do so in the past. The Section holds its January COC over conference call annually and therefore are confident in its abilities to hold this election.

During this time the Section isn’t giving up on the Lodges and is actively supporting their growth in the PMP. C-6A wants people to get excited about investing back into the Section by looking at the new products on the digital storefront, talking to lodge/section officers about getting involved on a Section Committee and actively supporting the Sections objectives.  

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