January Section of the Month: C-5A

A heavily-built wild ox with backswept horns defines Section C-5A, and his name is Buffalo Bill! Buffalo Bill has been the section’s mascot for many generations of Arrowmen. He has traveled to many places including Florida, Indiana, and all across the section, including section conclaves through the years. To say the least, Buffalo Bill is the greatest mascot a section can ever ask for. 

Section C-5A has been very busy in the last couple of months since the Section Officers’ Seminar. Each lodge in C-5A made a commitment to THRIVE, and as a section, C-5A has committed to THRIVE. It is the season of banquets and the officer team has attended one so far with many more to come. The section is working very hard to get more Arrowmen more involved with their respective lodges. 

But as all Arrowmen know, the Order of the Arrow is not just business. Arrowmen have great fun as well! Lodge banquets are easily a fun time with Lodge Leadership Development sessions and many other activities! Additionally, the section is hosting the ACT Conference (Adapt, Collaborate, and Thrive) coming up in April, and the goal is to make sure the present and future leaders of all lodges in the section have a great time and also take back great ideas! 

Section C-5A strives for success. The Order of the Arrow is great and it is the duty of every member to make sure every Arrowmen knows that! In Section C-5A, everyone is family!

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